Institute of Translational Medicine and New Drug Development

Brief introduction

The Translational Medicine and New Drug Development Institutes combine the school's characteristics in Chinese and Western medicine development. The utilization of the school's existing biomedical resources and devices, plus clinical care resources from medical centers and the school's hospital, strong faculty members, the combination of the advanced development skills of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, allow the planning of diversified and relevant courses to cultivate professionals well trained in translational medicine, drug design, new drug development, and pharmaceutical productions.

Purpose of establishment

We foster drug R&D skills by teaching and training professional knowledge, for strengthening the fulfillment of corporate demands by interdisciplinary curriculum integrated with professional and industrial practical applications. Through the work with various biotech laboratories, we produce graduates who can become top professionals capable of working in different fields like research and development, production, marketing, intellectual property, or management.

Future development


  1. We help students have solid professional disciplinary abilities and to have solid knowledge in biotech pharmaceuticals.
  2. Using modern molecular and cellular biotechnology as the foundation, combined with the key developments of the pharmaceutical industry, we provide students with the knowledge and desire to understand cutting-edge biotech pharmaceuticals to accommodate growing changes in the domestic and international environment.
  3. Professional courses include drug design, drug development, production, quality control, pharmaceutical marketing, and intellectual property rights, also taking into account theoretical studies and practical experience.
  4. The planning of the curriculum is based on professional practices, and cooperates with domestic cGMP, PIC/S, and ISO certified biotechnology laboratories or hospitals, in the hopes of integrating seamlessly with the education direction and the demand of related industries, as well as help innovate Taiwan's biotech pharmaceutical industry research and development and solidify the practical experience of students, so they can immediately start employment upon graduation.


The Research Center established by the university has a research team that is formed by top scholars in the fields of herbal drugs, natural herbal medicine, medicinal chemistry, synthetic drugs, and acupuncture research. In recent years, our contribution to the development of biotechnology medicine is very significant, becoming a leader in biomedical research and technology. Our school has established a cross-campus research team that covers drug research related fields and can provide students with professional training in different research fields to provide them with the professional abilities needed by the biotech pharmaceutical industry.


Educational goals

  1. Foster talents who are capable of developing new drugs
  2. Foster talents who can design and execute new drug development experiments
  3. Foster entrepreneurial talents who can develop new drugs
  4. Foster talents who are in line with the development trends of the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry

Core competencies

  1. Translational medicine ability associated with new drug development
  2. Ability to design experiments, analyze data, and apply research results
  3. Professional ability to author research projects and thesis
  4. Ability to combine pharmaceutical development related theories and practices.